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1. Atomic Night

I cannot stand humanity; I cannot stand hypocrisy; I cannot live in a world such as this; Where all is material and spiritual life is forgotten; I cannot respect human life; Nor can I accept that it h...

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2. Divine Terror

Exit now in flames as the world is burned away; No more tears to shed over earthly misery; Crosses dropped and cries of pain fill the boiling air; All is falling down in vain; Flee and disappear; My l...

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3. Genocide Mass

Rejoice all friends of Armageddon; For the time of the eternal eclipse has come; I now await the genocide mass; As it comes, all in its way is bound for death; All of earth will be shattered by it; An...

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4. Nuclear Blitz

I have sought forever it seems; Yet I haven't found any reason for your existence; You are all of the same greedy flesh; All pretending to care as you stab your neighbor in the back; Foul is the human...

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5. Nuit Fauvres

I fly by night on bloodstained wings; To find the object of my desire; I reach deep inside your heart; To destroy and manipulate; I am the words in the back of your head; The voice of dark that speak ...

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6. Plutonium Love

We have made ourselves a beautiful tomb in this supposedly civilized world; Such a murderous and vile place must be celebrated; The cross you carry with pride is but a symbol of your weakness; It mean...

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7. Star Of The Apocalypse

Hope you were my first love seeming so beautiful and pure; But your beauty was false and so was your heart; Now buried in darkness you are; You left me alone in my hour of need you turned me your back...

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8. Totalitarian Might

Totalitarian might; Our forces gather now; Our time is coming now; This is the day of retribution; All life will end; The world is ours to slay; For global death we fight with pride; This is your buri...

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9. World Pulverization

In the light of the new day; The earth still dead; Remains laid to waste and buried; Yesterday all is ashes, ruins now; I stole life away; I was lead by hate and misery; By the hour of flames consumin...

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