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1. Cold Spark

Cold spark; Give up; Disconnect; Disappear; Breath in, open up; Dust flows through so slow; Inside my mental vortex; There’s nothing left to protect; Ashes and grey fall out; Frost bound step; Step ba...

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2. Forget

That shipwreck feeling; Holding on to garbage island; Frostbite toes have to let me go; Falling up; Weep, weep hallow seas; A pouty submarine; Alive an swarming hordes afloat; Afloated scatterlings; F...

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3. Millionaire Hairdresser

I made a million shaping people’s heads; I reside inside a dome in Antarctica; Bring your super ego and come on down; Projecto infecto hey reject what’s your defect; Come on now Id get to work; Come o...

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4. Squalls

Die, thrush fly; Live, Man live; Squalls blow swall’ws from home; Love, man love; Thunder above; Leaves will fly and fall; Start over again; Leaving and left behind; Your my new best friend; Or is thi...

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5. Too Far Down

Goodnight; Already half asleep; Tiny whispers echo though the pipes; Goodnight; So long; I was uninvited and overstayed; What a big mistake; I would have made; Under the water; And deep inside the gro...

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