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1. Broken Hearted

I love you; I love to love you; I taste you; Afraid to waste a; Single kiss; Afraid to miss and be; Broken hearted; Broken down; Broken king; With a broken crown (of thorns); Broken hearted; Broken do...

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2. Chosen

I can not take it; I've been broken; I can not take it; I can not take it; Promises of deep devotion; Break us down, the empty notion; Left me with the words unspoken; More tears fill this sadness oce...

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3. Gasoline

So I kissed you goodnight; And I kissed you goodbye; But I never realized; That it'd be forever; Living in shame; I never knew which you to blame; How I wish I were alive; To kiss you goodnight; The g...

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4. I Cry

Listening; To you breathe as you sleep; Waiting and wanting for; Near and dear love so deep; A taste unlike that; Of one I've ever known; I'm addicted and I lay before you; Trembling I hold you close;...

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5. I For One

Dear mother, can you hear me? It seems I've not been myself lately; Disturbing recollections; Dark reflections crowd me so... Sometimes I hurt, so jaded; So serrated I've become this; Mere shadow of a...

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6. I Was Wrong

You crushed and drug me through; Places I had dreamed untrue; I held on broke and bruised; I thought I could fix all your wounds; I was wrong, I was wrong; I was too close, too deep, much too blind; I...

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7. Nothing But

I've felt your twisted mind; Dragging me in circles; Dread every word you say; Nothing but lies; I watched you play your game; Filled with sick perversion; Now with my opened eyes; You're in my sight;...

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8. Pure

I had another dream today; It brought me to that place; The place I'd run away; From so many times before; I tried to break away; It gripped my soul I strained; As it took away; The life I'd known; An...

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9. Real Love

Bleed me; Feed me; Need me; Give in to me; I don't wanna bleed; I don't wanna feed; I don't wanna need; I don't; I don't wanna lead; I don't wanna head; I don't want to be; What you own; So; You want ...

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10. Sicklike

hate you; You make me sick; You left your pain; I live with it; You blame me; For your abuse; Degrade me; Confused; Dangers come for you; You go run like hell; What are you built of; Face all you've d...

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11. Trace

If I hadn't called for you; At least a million times; If I hadn't opened up my soul so wide; For you; For love; I wish that I hadn't known; I could not bring you back; Deep within my heart, I've locke...

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12. Watch You Beg

I'm a victim of sadness; Burned by all thats inside; Taught this I believed your lies; But now I've broken, and you're choking; Cause I'm coming; I'm not taking this; I'm beating my fist; I'm breaking...

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