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1. Blasphemous Mask

Bearing 666, you entice the serpent; So where lies your devotion? What's your purpose? You have no business bearing 666; Witness unprivileged mortals; Incapable of true Evils; Demons know your face; A...

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2. Depths


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3. Disseverance

We are the uprising; Revivers of a dying scene; We are the uprising of a dying scene; The architects to rebuild; What once was standing; We must purge the filth of our generation; Infiltrate, reclaim ...

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4. Embrace Nothingness

Ridges inbed in skin; Would you miss me if I were dead? Hurt mutually if I bled? Reminisce of times shared; Would my memorial be remissable upon decay? I'm forgettable anyway; I'm not a prophet nor a ...

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5. Eternal Wasteland

I'll raise a toast at the end of this world; When God doesn't love you anymore; An aborted birth at the hands of the father; A fist full of insignificance; Intended to be spit out; Or flushed down; I'...

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6. Incisions

Plagued with morbid visions of pain to inflict upon you; I'm resurrected to hate; Holding true to the nature of a killer; Tasting weakness, exposing blood, digging deeper into your neck; Exposing bloo...

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7. Internal War

I never contemplaited from adolescence to a man; Why I'm so quiet, with little friends; Could the reason be I'm whispering to spirits? Apparitions inside my head; I tried fighting off the demons; Unti...

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8. Self Explained Whore

Your purpose is to intake every load; Tarnish your name, admit you're filthy; A disgrace upon your own self; A simple but useful whore; For in this world everyone plays a role; Dripping in anticipatio...

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9. Severed Appendages

You don't know where you are; Taken to some place sacred; Bound by the neck, near strangulation; A dark undisclosed location; Before you lie instruments of destruction; A repertoire of punishment; Smo...

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10. Slave of Corporatocracy

You're a slave! Gaze in the mirror, take a look at yourself; Eyes glazed over, a lesser man; More like a walking corpse; Mindless and dilapidated; Executing a mentally embedded repetition of motions; ...

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