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1. All You Miss

Colors and sparkles are dying; In the graveyard begind your eyes; It dies before you'll know; And will realize; But he sees the process that dies; So wake up that feeling; And step inside the season; ...

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2. Answer To This Flower

For this moment you came back to me; For some answer to this flower; Sinking slowly, sinking deeply. ; It starts to hurt me, deep inside me; No one shows me; Things won't tell me; I know I'm shaking, ...

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3. Crazy Train

Crazy, but that's how it goes; Millions of people living as foes; Maybe it's not too late; To learn how to love; And forget how to hate; Mental wounds not healing; Life's bitter shame; I'm going off t...

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4. Englishman In New York

I don't drink coffee I take tea my dear; I like my toast done on one side; And you can hear it in my accent when I talk; I'm an englishman in new york; See me walking down fifth avenue; A walking cane...

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5. House Of The Rising Sun

The is a house in new orleans; They call the rising sun; And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy; And god, I know I'm one; My mother was a tailer; Sewed my new blue jeans; My father was a gamblin' m...

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6. I May Be

I may be drown in the ground; I may be up to the clouds; The sky has fell to the underground; I may be softer than; The Bullet you hide in your hand; The Warmth is coming from where you stand; but one...

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7. Isn't She Lovely

Isn't she lovely; Isn't she wonderful; Isn't she precious; Less than one minute old; I never thought through love we'd be; Making one as lovely as she; But isn't she lovely made from love; Isn't she p...

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8. Norwegian Wood

I once had a girl; Or should I say she once had me ? She showed me her room; Isn'it good norwegian wood ? She asked me to stay; And she told me to sit anywhere; So I looked around; And I noticed there...

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9. Sign

Turn back the rising tide; Of this old circulation; It's just another same old shit; Come blast the normal ways and thoughts; For new creation; The sign of never coming back; No matter how you change ...

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10. Smooth Operator

Diamond life lover boy; He moves in space with minimum waste; And maximum joy; City lights, business nights; When you require streetcar desir; For higher heights; No place for beginners; Or sensitive ...

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11. Submarine Volcano

What do you really want ? You've got no doubt to show; I've got no reason; Reason to trust you; What keeps you running to the; Submarine volcano ? It will melt your soul; What makes us smile ? And we ...

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