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1. Ashes

Ashes; Across the Eerie waters, Misty covered glass I spied; A sad procession, snaking down; The dry and deathly trail. And as my telescopic eye; Focused on the marching line, It settled on the fallen...

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2. Beautiful Together

Sunday; Sunrise; Looking out across the bay; And in your eyes; I see all I want to say; And now you love me; The clouds above me; Couldn't stop the way I'm feeling; Together we are beautiful, I miss y...

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3. Breaking Ties

wrong in places. These are the original correct lyrics. Oh when the cold wind blows; I feel it to the bone; Oh when you say you know; I feel I am not alone; And even though I may return; To empty plac...

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4. Clear Blue Water

La la la; Leave behind your fears; Please believe; You will not falter; There's no danger here; You can breathe; In clear blue water; Clear blue water; La la la; ... ; Leave behind your fear; Please b...

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5. Come Home

I don't know why you feel we can't just talk through; Not just walk through; And leave me here; You leave a note and think that it's a clean break; No more heartache; You made that clear; I wish that ...

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6. I Am What I Am

I know you've read; So many books; You keep a breast of all the things you think you should; You've got your own home grown philosophy; And it works for you; But please don't try to make it work for m...

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7. If I Could Fly

A thousand people on the street; The rain its trying to drown my feet; The cold bite sent to every bone; The solemn faces pass me by; The grave mirror buried smiles; A crowded train to take me home; I...

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8. Just Listen

Just Listen; See the open ground; Nothing there to fear; Feel the anent flow; Of all the people here; From day to night and; Night to day; An endless sea of choice; If you should ever lose your way; J...

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9. Lonely Girl

Staring at the top sheet; Listening to my heart beat; Wondering how to say it; Playing over one track; Wanting you to come back; Want to have you here; Lying on a cold sheet; Jump into my car seat; Dr...

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10. Miracle

Don't they know that there's something going on; What they're harming with their indecision; Who will be left standing when I'm gone; There'll be nothing left but a vision; And it's too easy to turn a...

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11. On A Good Day

Little bit lost and... A little bit lonely; Little bit cold here; A little bit feared; But I hold on; And I; Feel strong; And I; Know that I can; Getting used to it; Lit the fuse to it; Like to know w...

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12. On The Beach

Say goodbye to all your friends; Time to leave and go home again; Sanctify and leave behind; Leave behind the sun; Everyday would pave the way for endless nights and; dancing; And every night will fir...

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13. Satellite

My love is like footsteps in the snow, baby; I follow you everywhere you go, baby; The pain inside has come to wake you; But you will never realise; That i inspire your dreams and guide you, baby; Cho...

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14. Secret

I don't know why; I see the truth in; Every line; Calling me; But i would rather; Believe; And when I look into your eyes; I see an awful lot of lies; You hide behind; You know I know what it means; T...

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15. Sirens Of The Sea

Take my hand, take my hand yeah take my hand; Follow me, follow me yeah let's go; To the sand, to the sand, the purest sand; Into the sea, into the sea yeah let's go; Out beyond the water's edge; Far ...

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16. Sky Falls Down

You know when you feel it; You know when it hits you; There's no mistaking when you fall; You don't anticipate it; And you can't calculate it; It just comes crashing through your walls; I'll love you ...

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