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1. Desperate Dreams

I wake up late in the night; But I cannot find you here; I wish I could see you beside me; I close my eyes with tears; Then I shut my eyes tightly; So I can go on dreaming of you; But the time is runn...

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2. Fight For Life

People show what they don’t feel; What they think you’ll never know; There’s no place for the good ones; It’s time to go on with the show; When you need a helping hand; In all times of your poor life;...

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3. Letter Of A Suicidal

Cover my eyes; So I can not see; Kill my brain; So I can not feel; Sedate me; So I can fall asleep; Take my life; So I can have peace; Poison my body; I am longing to die; My heart is crying; It’s my ...

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4. Losing It All

Just the cold sureness; That everything was lost; My youth and hapinness; Faded away like fog; Those crazy feelings, That deadly burning in my heart... It all seems so little; When things begin to fal...

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5. Now It's Over

This is the end of line; I don’t want to go on; There’ll be no next time; You have hurt me for so long; I always knew this day would come; You can believe now I am gone; How many tears I cried for you...

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6. Sad Angel

You broke into my life, The world stopped turning; My litlle fallen angel, My heart started yearning; ; From that moment on; I wanted to touch you; Please show me the way, Just tell me what to do; Spr...

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7. Stormy Nightmare

The wind screams in pain, Bursts out my window; The night is so scary; Rain is falling and I'm alone; Thunder stops my heart, Takes my breath away; The curtains are floating, Like ghosts of older days...

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8. Under Your Spell

Moon in the sky; Shining over the sea; I’m under your spell; And praying to be free; Every night I dream; I feel you near me; I can hear your voice; Just like you were here; The angels above us, I can...

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9. Vincent And The Crows

What did that man see? A world of lies and sadness, Tough times of rejection, Long nights of darkness. ; He saw ghosts in the fields, And lived his own reality; He saw clouds chasing him, Slowly drown...

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