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1. Away

The sun sets down behind us; Its true the summer started out; And soon this place turns hopeless; And all the pretty girls are running out of town; If they are leaving then I think that we should; Awa...

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2. Dream Date

I've got a dream date; And she looks awfully good to me; And I've got a dream date; But she's been walking out on me; What a waste; Dream date; I'll get a real job; It will pay awfully good you'll see...

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3. Giving Up The Ghost

If you know what's right. You won't need to fight it; Keep it all locked up so tight; If you know whats right; Everything you see; Every part of me, Baby; All of it is true; Very honestly; All the thi...

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4. Grab Your Coat

You're stuck inside your head; You're could spend all day in bed; It's beautiful outside, another day could pass us by; Looks like I dragged you out of bed just in time; Cause all our friends are out ...

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5. I Want You In Love

And at night i lie awake; And i worry for your sake; Can't you see, it's not up to me; With the sunshine on my face; Walking over to your place; Don't you know, that's the way it goes oh oh oh; I want...

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6. Lights On Kind Of Lover

Stop me. Don’t stop. Now I won’t go; Sit slack with back to wall; Not my time to give and now you’re into it? Could crush velvet down the hall; Man shot into sand, the famous formulation; Shot into sa...

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7. Our House

I remember growing up; And all that summers that you spent with me; Always dreading as the sun was setting; 'Cause it meant you had to leave; Now I wake up every morning; Sun is shining and you're by ...

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8. Say Goodbye

Late in the night there are people passing by; I wonder if they notice as; they ride through the red light; Street after street every part is so unique; getting lost in the alleys; when a voice calls ...

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9. So Cool

Karen, baby what are you wearing? Is it daunting and daring; Do I need new clothes? You're smile, it's sincere and it's guile; Is it city is a sky; Lets rock and roll last out; Where anything goes; Bu...

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10. Take It Easy

I'm walking down the street we grew up on; Remembering when; We layed you in the front of 'em; Talking about the places that we'll see when we got old; I turned around; And I went to the next block; C...

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11. The Best

You're the very best, a big fish in a small pound; When you listen to your mom she's always yelling; Get a job, can it really be that hard? To live among the stars; You're gonna win an Emmy, an Grammy...

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12. Think We Should

I live on the edge of California. And when we meet, well I should warn ya. When it falls in the sea, I'm gonna dive right in. Well I would, if you could, think we should. ; Let's take a trip to Minnes...

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13. Undercover

There are things you know about me, there are things you don't. Locked up in a safe that's buried, underneath the vault. ; Everything you say, taken with a grain of salt. When you let me come inside, ...

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14. We're Still Breathing

Walk throught the front door and your reading a magazine; And I go to the kitchen where there's only a tangerine; Tangerine, tangerine; I turn on the radio its speaking alright to me; The room is fill...

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