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1. Ayn

This one comes calling again; calling from the corner of my heart; the canyon of my soul; whispering words from within; whispering the silver and the gold; of what I want to hear about; This is what i...

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2. Between Something & Nothing

Words that form a sentence; Words that form a phrase; In a poem or a letter; Could not convey the meaning; Of what this man has done; In a painting on a canvas; And as the colors fading; They dictate ...

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3. Denmark

DENMARK (Schelzel); Like mist or a daydream; made of substance; can you feel it? buildings brown of a gray downtown; in the twilight; can you see it? photographs; typographs; in the papers did you rea...

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4. Garden Song

Do you see, Do you know? Do you watch the way the garden grows? Can you breathe through your nose? Can you swim against the undertow? Do you see in the sky? Do you ever stop to wonder why? Can you sin...

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5. Sublime

Another radical dream; Becomes a long lost friend; Beneath the rhythm and sound; Lies another meaning; And if you ask me today; To say just what I'm thinking; You might flee my reply; And run upwards ...

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