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1. Crashland Consequence

If you need to follow if you need a push; If you need to swallow behind the bush; If you want to get out if you want it in; If you need to throw out discipline; Take on all the odds and ends; Know the...

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2. Emotion In Motion

I would do anything; t'hold on to you; that's just about anything; until you pull through; I'd hold on to you; til the stars no longer wink; I'd hold on to you; til you figure out; just what to think,...

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3. Hang On Tight

Well you're running to the microchips; And you're falling on your feet; And you're running to the West side; But you're trying to be discreet; And you're falling for the hip line; And you're busting o...

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4. The Next Right Moment

I'm getting real fed up now; And it's gettin on my nerves now; And I got to slow It somehow; 'Cause I'm starting to swerve now; Side to side up and down; Set me straight on solid ground; I can't wait ...

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