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1. Alone

Everything is so dark; Everything is silent here is an unknown place now; There is nobody here; Just hear the sound of my voice and my steps now; I don't know the way back, I need to find a way out; T...

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2. Clarissa

She's lost in the darkness; Sleeping in her grave; She looks like an angel; Will always be in that place; For a reason now, everything changes; Now she is back with us; She wants your blood, this is t...

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3. Cloudy

Today in this cloudy morning I am here; Again visiting this garden your eternal home; It really happened? I don't take it! That way; We were happy, why does it have! To be this way; Today it's a cloud...

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4. Empty Soul

Every time you are the best; It's your life, your reason; Every time you are very bad; It's your choice, your moment; I don't feel your heart; I don't feel your soul; I don't feel your heart; You are ...

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5. Ghost Visitor

The night is coming and will soon, come that man; He is a ghost from hell ready to haunt me again; What do you want? What can I do for you? What do you need? Go away and leave me here! He's always wat...

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6. Her Shadow

The same place and hour I see she appear; She is fascinating and powerful the best thing I ever seen; She is unique, she is divine, she is very special, she is my life; Who era you please tell me "Whe...

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7. I'm Going Away

Now I know this is not the place I want to be; I want to be in a place where I feel safe; There's nothing here; I will go the other way; I will disappear; I will walk for another place; I want! I'm go...

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8. Nosferatu's Lament

Deception now! my powers were not enough; The end now! Not everything was under control; I should have killed Hutter when I had the chance; I should have killed them all, it would be better this way; ...

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9. The Past is Gone

In this night I am thinking; When I remenber of everything what is gone; For all the lies for all the choices; For all the moment what been so good; For everything of the past for everytime what goes ...

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10. Unreal Visions

I see for all the sides; Shadows walking for everywhere; I don't know what you care; I know this is in my head; Sometimes the shadows coming; Walking Up to me; I scream and close my eyes and the shado...

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11. Wrong Choice

Every day I think I had the wrong choice; should have been like you; be perfect like you; You're extremely perfect, better than everything; I've ever seen you are so beautiful, you are Supreme; Your a...

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