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1. Anaesthesia

Stop anaesthesia numbing everyone (x3) / me (x1); So you're awake now....another body folds with pain; Just another head in the sand...clinging to your sanity; So you're awake now ...just another vict...

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2. Fall Down

Fall down on your knees and sing; Can't you see it's not about the holy thing; Break down, illusions brought you into this; Betrayed so easily by one man's loving kiss; Exhaust me these lies leave me ...

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3. Peccato

She opens up her eyes; She doesn't know the truth, About what it was that made her want to; Grasping at a feeling a feeling she couldn't see; Holding on to something something she believes; Situation'...

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4. Pig (in It's Own Shit)

So you want me to smile and laugh at your jokes; Some sell you truth I'd rather choke; On the wave of bullshit, while screamin' I'm happy here; Call me an asshole lay it on thick; You're so synthetic ...

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5. Release

And all the things you ever wanted have escaped you once again; Greed, hate, and envy have become your cold and only loving friends; Attack me when I can not see you, when you need me I won't show; Wh...

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6. Sinjection

Die one night and wake up to; No sounds no light and so much truth; Cut the chords to sterile wombs; To love is to fabricate it all anew; Numbing me insane, evacuation of your thoughts; It finds an op...

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7. Still Bleeding

1, 2, step back; She says deliver as I quiver under circumstance; Connected by the only chance that I had ever had; I would have tried... Instead I lied... I chose to run with eyes so blind.... Inside...

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8. Synaptic

Are you shivering; Did fortune clip your wings; Where's your empathy; For those fate gives no voice to? You are trembling, Staring out into the dark again; Trapped in your crib; Gently closes her eyes...

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9. Third Member

Close your eyes, feel it jump in; Conformity has become your biggest sin; You watch them watching you naked and cold; But there's something locked up making you grow cold; I'm not my friend, no. ; Bro...

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10. Violicious

Spiral through this sunless hollow, Cut by fears you can not swallow, Tortured by this tedium, A prisoner to delirium; Honest and sober delivered me much older; Honest and sober still resting on my sh...

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