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1. Crash

My god why don't you crash my car? He should be suffering. My god, why don't you burn my house down? Anything to get me rid of this feeling. Wish I could puke you out, why do you keep on coming? What'...

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2. Eliminate Personal Comments

Am I becoming what I said I'd never become? Am I evolving into just another one? Is it time to awake? Is it make or break? Am I a leader or am I just a follower? And does this mean that I can trust in...

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3. Heart Disease

There is a steam inside of me, It coils in red and green and smells like blood and cherries, I don't know where it came from, I don't know what it means, And I don't think the other men can see... I g...

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4. Love Is Pain

You're squeezing my blood muscle too tight, and, babe, if I don't die tonight, I'll be the strongest girl on earth... With every little scratch it pales, your love for me beneath my nails, Until I've ...

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5. Perfect Wreck

And we died as they fell... That was my prettiest eye, never failed to repel; You, passing by; The small stage like a star, not in your head, Wondering now who you are, Who am I instead? Did I kick in...

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6. Skinny Buddha

Its lost its sparkle 'cause you're not there, I hope you're living but anticipating, And I'm afraid I'm half of one now, It's lost its sparkle cause you're not there... How so afraid of little girls? ...

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7. Still The Door Slams Shut

Were you told to hold me when i'm like this? I'd love to believe that it came from the heart, And everything's resolved with a winning smile, Let everybody think you're the same on the inside, When my...

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8. Viktoria

And everything's rosy in Texas, And she sits in her penthouse, painting builders, And sometimes I wish I could be her, And sometimes she wishes that she could be me, Almost taking flight in her t-bird...

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