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1. Azimuth

Thrown to the streets of a town you love; You cant stand on your feet; Trying so hard just to stay alive; Your heart pumps to this drum beat; You are the only one I see; And that can only mean that yo...

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2. Binary Love

Sometimes we don't take enough; Sometimes we take too much; we take too much time to say what we need; to say to the ones we love; all of this time I didn't know; I didn't know what to do; so when the...

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3. Fjords

Rain is falling hard it'll turn to snow tonight; Just like your pretty face when time begins to dim the light; Turn around and I wont even look the same; but you'll know its me when I begin to; sing y...

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4. Lingonberry

Keeping up with you is like trying to outrun a sunset; Like two old friends who have never ever met; Like we're on the same page but just not the same book; Like a shooting star, but we never ever loo...

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5. Machine

Swim so fast but sink so low you think too long and you never know; Take your leave; You've done enough, the time was yours but now its up; Hopelessly, lay your head and start to dream; Rapidly, close...

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6. Marina

Skip a stone and watch it sink; Don't try to move just sit and think; Take the jump. You're on the brink; Don't try to breathe, just hold it in; Open your eyes to see; What you could really be; Wont y...

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7. Mirror Image

Talking at the mirror; Im falling down a well; and I cant even tell; what I know to myself; So I broke it into pieces; with every single reason; Cause I just cant seem to find; a reflection that is mi...

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8. Never Strangers

I watched your heart turn to gold; I watched your fire turn to coals; You grew so tall; Now watch me fall; You don't have to leave to get somewhere; You don't have to be a stranger anywhere; You can f...

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9. Parallel Place

As we look around trying to find more; we start to see its all been done before; If we try to leave everyone behind; We know that we will always find; you're in the same place as before; in the same p...

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10. Riptide

I cant keep up with this; I need to take a trip; I need some peace of mind; but then its you I find; I never planned for this; so now im feelin' it; So now im feelin' it; You Hit me like a riptide; pu...

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11. Sporting Chance

Make a list of all your friends; Then close your eyes and walk away from me; Im gonna ask you this just one time. Just one time; Did you write me down? Did you write me down? It doesn't matter how man...

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12. Teach Me

Its the last day; that im going to fight; its the last way; to make this right; tie this blind fold; across my eyes; and catch my falls; and I will try; to walk like you; and talk like you; and fill y...

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13. Up In Arms

We run to the top of the hill and we just cant stop; Its not a race against the clock but we know we've got; Only one last shot; The field and the tress and the grass turning green to red; Im always l...

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14. Use Stars

I count my days; Until your gaze; seen through the haze; is clear a day; and the only way; for me to say; this all to you; is for me; To walk away; Into the haze; all night and day; to find your haze;...

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15. Warm waves

Does it feel like it is getting cold in here? maybe we should light a fire or go outside and feel the sun; The waves are nice the waters warm kick off your shoes and lets run; the ocean calls us with ...

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