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1. Creatures

Tickling twisted tiny fingures; poking pricking this drained soul; picking bits of thought that linger; clearing room for new sensations; Now I will be all intact; and I won't seek for affection; When...

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2. Defeat Me

As moments slowly drift away; And time groans in anger; I sent a letter to today; But recieved no answer; My mind runs frantically through gray fields; Seeking refuge from thought; Yet when the day is...

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3. Introspective

And now the cold is gone; The knives of ice are melting; the earth has carried on; it has resumed it's turning; My hands have lead me through this hollow night; They filled the void with words; but no...

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4. Purges

My enterprise takes time; And time will take its toll; And when we seem sublime; It winks and mocks us all; What lurks behind the veil; Some infinite reward? Or will my journey fail; And meet its end ...

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5. Scissors Doll

We Play with Scissors in the night; She is my paper doll; Designed for my delight; I hear the voices call:; Cut through your paper doll; I am living here in sin; Say don't you know me girl; I grow ben...

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6. War

Take this golden road to Rome; and let the old world burn; once the spark has lit your soul; the flames become your friend; Time to earn your worth now; time to make your wealth; thus, we steal our gl...

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