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1. Ave Satani

I cry tears of blood. In Marble's tomb cold and black; I will be waiting for your call. Looking the pale light; From death at moon; Cries and torment seems music. ; The evil lies upon my soul. Blood t...

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2. Deadly Lullaby

Little children don't cry; Your bad dreams will come true; In your life; The demon arrested in your dreams; Will come to life Soon; Listen to the death song; It's sweet and mild; Surrounds you like a ...

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3. Death Remains

Death Remains; It's cold night in silence; The belly of the earth shrank; nature moaned the pain of birth; vampires, demons and zombies; Death Remains; Agonizing over stained bands of sin. Children's ...

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4. Lilith Sacrificed

Lilith sacrificed; Come with me; Let me indulge in your desires; Surrender to the dirty pleasures; Lust is sweet and heady; Discover the animal that hides behind the false mask; His soul and body turn...

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5. Malleus Maleficarum

The shadows follow me; The past haunts me; Innocent people died on a whim; Religion trying to protect people; An evil non-existent; “The evil is in the eye of judges”; Voices calling for justice; Bloo...

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6. Only So Cold

So many lights around me. Both shine for nothing, I find myself alone in the dark; and this day was so strange; So sad ... So cold; So many faces ... People talk; but say nothing; And I want to deciph...

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7. Phantom Queen

?Eis o inicio de um tempo de miséria sem fim;; com mulheres sem pudor, homens sem força, velhos sem a sabedoria da idade; e jovens sem respeito pelas tradições. Uma era de injustiça, líderes cruéis, t...

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8. Solitatis

Every day is so empty and sad; that sometimes gets hard to breathe; Sometimes I feel insecure with all the pain; I hate myself for it; No matter what people say; Words can not destroy me; Anyway I nee...

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9. The Legend

In the half of mysterious night; Life controlled by fate; The spirits that guard; Are the same that destroy; Fairies, demons, just women ... Those who bring death; Guided only by their tears; The cry ...

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10. The Pain Of Silence

Shadows whisper through the mirror; Moans of passion leave the grave; Deep joy dredging pleasures; Black velvet on the pale skin; I'm weak without you; My goddess of nature; This feeling kills me insi...

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11. Under The Moon

On the bright moonlight; I write words as dark as night; My eyes lost in distant thoughts; So as the moon is made of the earth; The moment becomes unique to tell; Empty words and meaningless; Dispelli...

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