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1. Ascension

We sat in silence. I spoke of leaving. And from the floor, I tried to crawl away; With my arms all but succeeding. I'll water your grave and watch it grow; Into a bed of lies you sewed in life; Living...

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2. Bear

In bed your body burns just like a fire; And your eyes they twitch under lids from side to side; And my ego can't seem to get a grip; I'll simplify the terms I'm leaving; Until my body lays under leav...

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3. Bloodlines

I want to see what you are; I just want to watch you crawl; It's true, I'll trade a loss for a gain; It's true, I will delight in your pain; I have tasted blood, and I can't get enough; It's true, I'l...

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4. Burn

You make your way through endless night; You place the blame on rotting eyes; I need to feed the wavering light; I need to think it's right this time; I want to watch it all burn; I want to watch it a...

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5. Cleanse Me

This is a ploy of cold, crass, sheep; To only milk the pieces of truth that suit their means; And I was just wandering what you thought it'd bring; So hey, there's a poison in your skin; I see it quie...

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6. Complicated End Times

You can try and measure what I do; By the sweat in my brow; But you don't know a thing about me; You want to snuff the fire out; I just need a little time; Time to breathe and realign my ego and me; I...

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7. Context

I think you read out of context; Desecrating all the words that I had wrote; Maybe you just hadn't noticed; There's an urgency in every single tone; I try and reason with my inability to gain control;...

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8. Deconstruct

I saw the end of time; I saw the world burning; I saw the paradigm of what we have made; I wanna realign; My broken bones and repeat; I lay paralyzed; While you look away; I need to believe it; We'll ...

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9. Division Of Man

Your head, scented of blood; It's blurring your eyes; As some strange light slowly sinks in. And there he stood with teeth like knives; Your heartbeat racing; If I could; Scream to wake my mind; I'd s...

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10. Easy Talk (Open Your Mouth)

Are you speaking at all? Or are you keeping your voice soft? My blistered tongue burst; With words that have no tone; Are you even breathing? Cause my breath is gone; Just say anything at all; But I'l...

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11. I Am (Become Death)

I will place a kingly crown on a breathless carcass; And I will seal the fate I found with an empty sigh; I will place a burial shroud to obscure our likeness; Lending all the blood I have to a worthl...

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12. Last Breath

Lingering in your garden here our tired hands are bound; To toiling without pleasure in this murky earth we found; Distance is at fault here and its slowly gaining ground; So stay here at my table til...

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13. Lay Down

Live learn and let it die; Skip to the end and wonder why; I lay down; Here, you'll find that we are blossoms; That bloom to fall apart; And I lay down; So abba, father are you sleeping; As we toil th...

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14. Lo

Lo, my eager eyes will know; the truth come the day; when it's pouring from my lifeless mouth; Lo, my eager eyes may swear to you; that I never meant to shut you out; So we could laugh and sit and tal...

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15. Malum

How great is my debt; That my penance should be endless? Lo, my eager eyes will behold the truth

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16. Oblivion

Caught inside of this nightmare I find; There is only night no tunnels of light; Umbilical ties mark the start of dependancy; Gathering weakness in cradles of infancy; There is no purpose for truth in...

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17. Oh, Charitable Thief

Slip in this certain knot of peace; I'm keeping silent, keeping silent til in turn it keeps me. Won't you remain with me? Oh, come blissful sleep. Won't you be my release? Oh, charitable thief. Come t...

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18. Perilous Love

Take what you want; Leave me broken, leave me estranged; Just tear me apart; Still my devotion remains the same; I bit my tongue; For fear of igniting something I can't tame; A perilous love; Will be ...

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19. Poison!

I'll hold my tongue from idle speech to keep my mind fed; Did I trade intent for futile means in the process? I guess there's a whole in the; Bottom of my head my sense has fallen out; I've seen the s...

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20. Providence

My eyes open up; A sea of faces without names fills the room; And we'll swallow God; Our bread: his body left to rot. If it's all the same, we'll stay the same; Now hollower eyes allow us to see; Our ...

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21. Sputnik

So what is the worth in that dirt that you found? Well I'll bet that it'll never be a keeper; If you would just rather sit, sucking the ground; Then stay down brother stay down; Why would you curse al...

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22. The Great Release

A slip of tongue; These words fall like an avalanche; And I won't be ignored; My lungs expire; The water's getting deeper and; I can't hold in my breath. So hear me now; This distance is quite simply ...

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23. Your Move

Lie, when you face the crowd; Lie, 'cause they love the sound; Your move, when I lose everything I can lose; You feed my defeat; Taste my blood; Does it will you up? And when I'm empty, have you had e...

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