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1. Charles The Hammer

Europe is holding its breath; A presentiment of fear and death; Slowly creeping north – a giant invading force; Awaiting the enemy forces; On a hill surrounded by wood; It’s man against horses; It’s e...

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2. Exterminate

Obey the cult of Skaro; Kneel before Davros; Warriors filled with hate; Kill and exterminate; A culture so superior; Wipe out all inferior; Death to the oncoming storm; Death to all life forms; (Choru...

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3. Five Bullets

Sweat is dripping from the chin; Repenting all the sins; Nervous, flickering eyes; Soon someone's going to die; A stranger, with a colt; And five bullets, but six enemies; Sweat is dripping from the c...

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4. Gettysburg

Thousands of men on every side; Guns fill the air with lead; The realms of death are open wide; The gods of war will soon be fed; Sound the charge, put the bayonets on; Scream with rage, fathers, cous...

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5. Lost In The Desert

The sun is burning from the sky; The brain is boiling and starting to fry; No water no person who can hear you yell; The indians call this place (the) white hell; Can’t remember how long I’ve been in ...

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6. Octaman

A nightmare has just begun; Grab your gun and start to run; Never ever look back; For he is on your track; Two eyes that stare at you; Eight arms that will catch you; One mouth to feast on you; Octama...

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7. Son Of Tutankhamun

Something doesn’t feel right; There's a howling around midnight; Is it good or is it mean? There is nothing yet to be seen; Nothing looks to be just what it seems; Following us right into our dreams; ...

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8. Svantovit

On the red island where Jaromar reigns; There is a fortress, opposing the vicious Danes; Come and follow the call, it will take you there; Listen to the tales and stories at our gods lair; Come and fo...

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9. The Fourth Earl

Protecting the country; With the eyes of a hawk and the strength of a bear; An earl of moray; With no mercy to spare; Always suspicious; Always on guard; Sometimes ferocious; Never yielding one yard; ...

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10. The Lost World

There's a tale that tells about a place; Far from here so many nights and days; Don't go there for it will be your end; The lost world it is called and it is damned; The legend tells of monsters; Of t...

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11. The Posse

Gathering the men under the old oak tree; We will once again hunt a menace in society; Up on the horses and out of town; We will hunt the bad guys down; It doesn't matter what they've done; In the end...

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12. The Wolf's Hook

There once was a forest, full of hate and fear; The trees were full of corpses; At every step the danger was near; Suddenly the peaceful silence would come to an end; Soon everywhere dead bodies would...

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