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1. Carcass Pit

Masked with a scratch face out; Devoid of expression; Bottomless soul not to be; Think, carnal exterior; Spy on, this never-ending void; Inhale, this decaying fragrance; Die, my aim you are ! Die; Fee...

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2. Filthy Secrets

Weird things occurred; I heard the clink of keys I heard footsteps and scream; Squalid basement; Strong rooms with people inside strong rooms where they must die; Along the corridor; I walk terrified ...

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3. Mydriasis

Excessive dilation of the pupil; No more retinal contractions; We can notice; Just an empty expression; This bitter sense you feel; These dreams feed my pathology; What?s real ? Who am I talking with ...

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4. Postmortem Reprisal

Raped, killed; You taste the edge of death; Let your soul went in heaven; Let your blood invade the earth; You angel in paradise but in sorrow you stay; Look at the soft tranquility of your murderer; ...

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5. Unstable

In the dark at the gates of sleep; When intricacies of mind get lost; A multitude of vileness; Interferes lead mind a mind revolution; A real network of thoughts gets alive; And thoughts link so fast;...

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