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1. 1 Of The 4

...and the horseman is standing up there on hill; The horseman is coming; The will to kill; One of the four riders of doom; We wretched spawn; God forsaken's fall see my hand; See them lying; See my b...

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2. Coincidenta Oppositorum

I can't hide to shadows without the light, I'm trying to explain; you how black clouds could turn to white; My thoughts are progressive, I lead you to the future, Then I look back and turn myself to n...

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3. Nostalgic Idealization

Reminiscence; Help me to forget what I miss; Here I don't want to see; More these days are not my bravest ones; These days seem so abandoned to me; Still the same words but with another melody; Shades...

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4. Panta Rhei

Staring from the hills down to the valleys; I see falling leaves, streaming light changes their colours; Sun is shining bright through my unsteady mind; Just the eagle in the sky is still flying high ...

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5. Redefination Of The Past

All that I know seems to me is over now; What past has brought it will be redefined; When the quantity of exceptions is raising; When we can't safe answer all our questions; Where the period is ending...

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6. Starsend

...and from the sky the rays of the suns are rushing down; As the mighty one at the end of the stars; Where the history's fallen; They will regain the glory from the wrecks of the iron heart; The seat...

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7. Wishing The Renaissance

I was not born for suffering and hatred, no need to kneel before the cross; I shift aside the curtain from human disgust, my voice will reach distant skies; I see possibility of magic and grace of col...

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