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1. Disturbed Nights

Dry trees, tortured by the sands of ancient times, Now no more than a gleam of life keeps them up. ; Until where the sutle light of his gas lamp could reach, That was what his eyes insists to see. ; A...

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2. Facing The Truth

Craving for answers; I’m heading to the creep forest; For three days and three nights I’ve walking; All this memories distressing my mind; The beauty of that green valleys disappeared; Now I am here; ...

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3. Faith

God has revealed a rightousness apart from the law; a rightousness through faith in jesus christ to all who believe; god presented jesus christ as a sacrifice trough faith in his blood; you've been bo...

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4. Get Away

I see people all around me; where am I; i see nothing but darkness; seeking kicks to feel good; i want to be free; don't wanna live a sick life; it feels like; someone's destroying my life; get away; ...

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5. How Could You?

She was just a little girl on vacation; She was just a little girl all on her own; She was just a little girl on her way home; She was just a little girl, how could you; I never wanted you to take her...

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6. I.d.w

identification wannabe; acting like a robot; manipulated by your idols; when I look at you my soul cries; 'cause all I see is a copy of something not real; you do everything to fit into a label; sorry...

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7. Pain In Pain Out

waking up screaming by nightmares that haunts me; darkness surrounds me and fills up my soul; people say i'm dumb; but i just feel numb; 'cause the madness that fills me; just can't let me be; searchi...

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8. Redeemed

open your eyes and see what's going on; have you even heard about the risen son; dont you know the meaning with your life; i will tell you now and again, and again, and again; you're no longer enslave...

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9. Renewal Of Our Minds

you god sometimes life it's so hard; for I do it hard for my self; so god help me from failing over and over again; please lead me from temptation; god set me free; from worldly addiction; let me see ...

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10. Sovereign God

sovereign, faithful, righteous, mercyful; risen, alive, worthy, holy; i kneel before your throne; broken; purify me with your blood; restore me; sovereign god; my life is yours; loving, caring, king o...

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11. Why?

why do we suffer? why do we feel pain? why do we laugh? why dow we sorrow? why do we live? why do we die? why do we seek peace? why do we make war? why do we hate? why do we love? why do we exist? why...

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