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1. By His Blood

Break away,confront the hate of the damned; Consumed in blood, Helpless souls await the command; Given the chances to rebuff the mistakes; Ignorance to turn away the truth; And breathe the last breath...

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2. Dying Age

Come to pass-The age of apocalypse; Free from death-At last; Carnage,war rages-Jehovah God; His wrath burns this world; New world order,none shall stand; To face the wrath of God; To tread through mas...

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3. Inflicted

Bleeding from the eyes; Pain-intense expulsion; Mortal wounds burning deep inside; Igniting unbound; Feeling of hate; Choke on the pride; Of your own; No remose,no redemption; Release from this world;...

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4. Torn In Two

Pain rips inside my tortured flesh morbid thoughts pass through; Bleeding once again as the hatred grows intense; Sin-brings the course of death,mocking as they cast their stones. Martyred I will die ...

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