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1. All Eyes On You

Everything else fades away; When you step on the scene; In my heart take center stage; And I'll follow your lead; So let me step aside; And put your name in lights; Headline this life; All eyes on you...

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2. Come On Home

We've all been there; We've all felt it; Those times when your back's against the wall; No way out; All your doubt keeps rushing in like a waterfall; If you're out there looking for love; Come on home...

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3. Song Of a Savior

Maybe you're wandering, you feel lost without a home; Maybe you're looking, for a love to call your own; Maybe you're hiding, cause you're scared of feeling known; So listen close; Cause the song of a...

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4. Wildfire

Life feels like a race rushing to the end; Every minute on the clock is ticking like a second hand; It feels like it's almost over before it begins; And I don't want to look back; And wish I had anoth...

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