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1. As The Murder Flies

Enslaved in strongholds, lightless; Broods a wraith not dear nor live; A restless spirit born of scorn; For which no salvation lies; (curse 1); Of molten anger lying still; Of burning bark to spite; R...

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2. Immram

Upon the waves the ancient's graves; Thru tempest, thirst and plague; Beneath the sky of the maters eye; So grey, we sail for Eire; Blind, embarking in purple twilight; Westward, through the night; A ...

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3. of Wood And Blood

By the light of the waning moon three sisters fly with the crow; upon wings born from esoteric spellcraft which few are to know; converging from different directions to weave a fate of woe; as cloud b...

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4. These Boundaries Crossed

In the morning light something stirred awake; From an overcast dawn a grey doom yawned; Though a world remains as aeons pass on; The will come a day when all will be gone; One day will humble all; By ...

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