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1. Distant Day

From a distant day; Feeling the wind of decay; Afraid of what we have saw; Reaching for what we’ve prayed; Standing in the middle of a desert; Hope and joy were just an image; Feelings are nothing but...

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2. The Age Of Cosmic Disbelief

From beyond the stars; On the infinite landscape of my mind; On my soul there’s a scar; I wish for the natural healing of time; All I see is darkness; Swirling bright colors distancing me; Back to the...

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3. The Astral Dominance

I’ve been brought down; On my weary knees; They’ve put words on my tongue; So what am I to believe; Dark thoughts roaming; Around my tired mind; At the stars I’m gazing; Searching through space and ti...

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4. The Final Point

Near the end of our journey; I never stopped wondering; How we reached that distant dream; My people were the ones who prayed; Hard sun burning our skins; But some of were not fortunate; They paid wit...

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5. Valley Of The Sun

Desert of human desire; The flesh burning to red; My soul is on fire; And my body feels like dead; Chorus :; Someday eyes will meet that day; Whispers of a name, of a place that no one knows; Wanderin...

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6. Walls Of Misery

Time of forgotten age; Re-live the sorrows; Memories of a fading image; Prayers for a tomorrow; Exiled living backwards; We will always remember; Our souls are fading to amber; Following is much harde...

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7. Wraithly Whispers

I saw you once; Holding a white candle; I was so feeble; Our world was dismantled; Since you are gone; Like a bystander; Life’s now done; Hope to see you later; Chorus; As I sleep; As I dream; Your so...

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