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1. Absence

Been feeling lonely; You've been out for quite a while; Never thought you do that to me; Used to wake up to your smile; The bed feels so empty; Winter nights so cold; I already should be over this; Yo...

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2. Don't Waste Your Time

Today I found out about him; I saw you in that place you used to take me; And baby I'm getting tired of you screwing around; Now I know you're a lier; I'm tuning you down; Forever has become too much;...

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3. Going Down This Road (Intro)

Maybe the stars above; Knows what the future holds; And maybe they won't let me; See what's right in front of me; Ahead are turns and misteries; No time to say goodbye; Only baggage is your fears; But...

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4. New Beginning

I just got out of town; A brand new day for me now; It's time to let my hair down; No time for screwing around; I gotta sing my words out; I can't just let my dreams frown; I admit I've been way to af...

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5. Sirens

Stuck in a dark place; Locked in a room without enough space; I can't recognize the reflection of my face; Don't know where I lost trail; Feels like all my life I've been inside this jail; And just re...

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6. The Star

A warrior who's never fought; A light that's never had a chance to shine; A writer who has never thought; A baby girl who's never whined; A fire that has never burned; A chord that's never been put in...

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