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1. Angel

Inside you everything is wrong; And you don't know; What's going on; Do anybody can explain? Icon to you; I hope I'm bright; And I will stay with you tonight; I will defend you and I know; Chorus:; I'...

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2. Don't You Wanna Stay

Am I in a dream? Well I know I don't wanna wake up; Am I so strong; That I don't wanna break it? Should I let go? Or maybe this fight isn't over; Something is wrong; And that's why I hate you; Don't y...

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3. I'm Not Discovered

Every day we look out side people walking down the street again; Someone wants to make the plan some; one hope's that we will not explain; They decide to make a dream and to break a difference in us; ...

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4. Nothing To Fear

I've been around, and I've been thinking; More than I can, found you; I got a waste, nothing to fear; Cos we can find ourselves; Now I'll find, all I feel lost; When my tears, drip in a bag; Little an...

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5. Vyshe

I'll hide my wings not to frighten you. I'll be strong enough to protect you. I'll hide my fears so that you'll never find out about them. I'll be strong enough so that you'll love me. ; I want to fly...

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