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1. 2 Cats

You're the kind that always drops a name in conversation; Fate brings us together, and I have to force a smile; Always blow you kisses you mistake for adulation; You control the press and for a piece ...

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2. Cold

Hey boy what's wrong with you? Looks like your heart is cold; Hey Mom hey Dad hey Sis that's right; My heart is cold; Walkin' down the avenue and; Nothin' in my eyes; When the people smile at me, it t...

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3. Death Of A Scenester

Walk around with your hands up in the air... Didn't anybody tell you? Didn't anybody tell you? How could you just let it all just fall? Let it all fall to the ground? You're laughing and smiling, all ...

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4. Heaven

I really hate the sun for shinin' today; I fell off the track, won't someone show me the way? When all you want is just to have me near; And all I want is just to disappear; Heaven, heaven; I don't be...

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5. Imitating Angels

Those venomous fumes like ghosts imitating angels; Came and brushed death thru her hair with loving strokes; Telling her pretty lies and flowery stories of a; Place where nothing hurts and no one know...

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6. Just One Happy Day

Why do I always want what I always can't have? When I have it in my hand, someone always takes it back; Just one happy day; Just one happy day; There's a coin in the fountain and it's too deep for me;...

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7. Revolt

He said he killed that boy and now his eyes are wet; So you take another life snuff it out like a cigarette; Well that shit makes me sick That shit makes me sick; I wanna jump right outta the line and...

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8. Sad And Damned

Sitting in my room, waiting for the sun; I hope it comes, I hope it comes; I'm sad, I'm damned I need someplace; I gotta get away, I gotta get right out a'here; And that's what I said; I'm damned, I'm...

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9. Supersonic

(It'll be over soon); What's the matter here?! We bang it out on broken toys; Ashes to ashes we all fall down; When we hit we'll make a big, big, noise; Everyday I say I'm gonna change but why? Try an...

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10. The Highway

He walks alone, walks along the highway; Drinks from a bottle just the size of his fist; Skin smooth and glittering 6:00 news; Little girl longs for the taste of his kiss; His eyes are black and they'...

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11. The River

Majestic waters, wash it away; Lay your pain in the river; A trip to heaven is a heart beat away; All my pain in the river; So you say, that you're all alone; Only the river knows; And beatiful waters...

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12. Wasting My Days

Talk to myself, cuz; I'm the only one that understands; And I'm sorry baby; Now it's just out of my hands... Hey, I'm sorry baby but'cha know one an'one an'one an'one an'one makes five; When yer down,...

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