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1. Bara Í Nótt

Ég veit það er; Allskostar ekkert; Sem að við eigum; Sameiginlegt; Samt ert þú hér; Mér fannst þér langa; Kannski er ég blind; en þú brostir til mín; Á einu andartaki, er’ eins og allt sér breytt; Á þ...

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2. Closer

Inside my life, my love is there for you, Why has it come between the two of us, Each day i find, there's nothing left to prove, Look what it's done to the two of us, ; (chorus); So if anyone could lo...

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3. Everywhere

Just the other night; I was with some friends; Looking for some kinda piece of mind; And as i turned around; You just caught my eye; And my hear went into overdrive; If you feel the same; There's no o...

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4. Give Me One Night

Candles burning, I'm waiting for you; Baby come over spend a little time; We have this moment, you can come closer; I wanna know you inside and out; We cannot waste this chance of blissful happiness; ...

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5. Good Things

You need to know; I've been thinking about; all the madness that we have shared; I had some hope; But it's slipping away; And you don't even seem to care; You know your power; Got lost in you; Didn't ...

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6. Lög Unga Fólsins

Vakna í skólann klukkan sjö; Hlusta á röfl um mengi og magann á beljum; Fæ mér kók með stelpunum, hangi í sjoppunni og fletti Sönnum Sögum. En einn dag komu þeir,við sáum þá bera inn; Kók í kassavísme...

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7. Losing A Friend

Since you've been gone; Life still goes on but it's not the same; The days linger on; and the nights seem so long; but there is no one to blame; But I can't go on singing the same sorry song; but I ca...

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8. Play

You'll never learn; If you spend your whole life afraid; You're so concerned; That you've seen better days; So can't you just accept; What tomorrow brings? Instead of making sense; Of every single lit...

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9. Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams are made of this; Who am I to disagree? I've traveled the world and the seven seas; Everybody's looking for something; Some of them want to use you; Some of them want to get used by you; ...

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10. You're Not Alone

Sometimes it's hard to make it through when you're hanging by a thread; You're like a frozen flower waiting for the summer. The sun has gone your all alone and these walls are closing in; Feel as heav...

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