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1. Cold Void

Cold Void; The deadly way out reveals the truest cruelty; and isolates me from reality, but I'm asking myself: what is reality: a dream? Everytime I reach this point, I remember dreams that will never...

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2. Lamento Larmoyant

Lamento Larmoyant; Shivering before the abyss all alone; One thousand awful figures have passed by; Filled with woe my dejected soul; Trapped between the certain anguish of Life; And the unknown Horro...

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3. Misere Nobis

Passiv introverted apathy; Wordless in painful misery; The denial of Birth and time; Longing for the time before mine; Unable to exist without repression; I am the Spring of my Depression; Oblivious n...

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4. Nekrolog

Consuming cosmic volatifity; A haunting pessimistic elegy; Ghostly vortex of my obliteration; And the prodigy of selfdissipation; Darkness poured mforth upon my universe; In one unceasing radiation of...

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5. Nyktalgia

Hopeless a body starts to fail; Memories fade but scars still remain; Through dark nights of struggle, time, decay; Cosmological letdown - irresistable negative sway; evoke the spectres of a black nig...

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6. Pavor Nocturnus

This nameless, tedious agony I feel; A depressing darkness tragedy; The walls stare empty and cold; A rush of mischievous thoughts so old; Stare into a lost souls space; Whispering curses - insomnias ...

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7. Peisithanatos

Towards tragedy and dissolution; Taught bitter lessons of the inevitable end; Exorcism of all hope and illusion; The absence of will and the voluntary self-abandonment; Broke every phantasm of prosper...

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