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1. Angel

Angel; ; Sunday morning; hope for glory; angel let us smile; turn back the time; up you climbed; up the stairs that made you mine; ... if we meet the waves; heart stops time; Oh, Angel; She dives sobe...

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2. Fed

Fed; ; Walk on bodies and screaming heads; Fire walls and burning corps; Take a souvenir; Fed up, by the testament; of world dominion; Tired eyes, don«t reflect; the black light; Fed up... ; Walk on c...

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3. Klik B52

Klik B52; ; It's time for a little story about the world; Stone age... things that we prefer; Useless ... out of date; Cave men, ethnic clincing, civil pain; Techno war, dark age, mental disorder; Aim...

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4. Koma

Koma; ; violent; agitation; Create a hell, tourture lounge; silver pain; God becomes the president; Choirs song and screaming violins; watching the world in Coma; Reckless fear; viscious time; Bio war...

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5. Mirror

Mirror; ; Crusades around the world spreading the anti-virus; Mirrorshades, black sky, deserts and acid rain; Bet your soul; win or loose lifes a bitch; Sorrow minds; sit down watch the sun; Hope is t...

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6. Misfits

Misfits; ; We live in a world of shit, air polluted; environment; The masses buy the scam of human rights; Technology war; millenium; Straight down to heaven; Right back to hell; World seems so increa...

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7. Mysterious

Mysterious; ; Mysterious; I walked on the edge... to insanity; I nearly couldn't... hold it together; Mysterious... but so wonderful; Removed my blindfold; Unstrapped my hands; Ready to proceed; So fu...

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8. Stalker

Stalker; ; Victims crossing the border to another hell; History repeats itself; The world chooses a conflict to interfear; The truth always dissapear; Civil sacrifice; We kill in the name of god; A th...

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9. Stinger

Stinger; ; responsible for; human decline; public saints; take the right; to choose ways of life; accidents, world out of order; no acts of violence; stand on hostile grounds; tales like these; they a...

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10. The Messenger

The Messenger; ; Run, run, run, If you hurry you get more; Panic , panic, panic you are loosing time; What do you see, what are you chasing; Who are you aiming at, who are you hunting; Stand up and ge...

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11. Verdict

Verdict; ; Take a look around, humans so naive; Do they really care, all that minds, ...watch their own backs; Warheads of Uranium, leaking after impact; and it becomes the brokens revenge; Heroes cha...

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12. War Of The Prophets

War Of The Prophets; ; Metal hard software; Hardware to kill; Skin protected by kevlar suit; Hard wired, vein explodes; Brain replaced by microchips; Megahertz, the IQ skill; Hard code, intelligence; ...

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13. White Walls

Room nr 5; White walls, steril mind; Oxygen, life support; Hard wired, to a wall; Steril instruments, It's time to play the surgery; Make some adjustments; You become creator; Hard men plays the game;...

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14. World

World; ; Silence and dry air; Black sun, distant screams; killed by the illusions; of a world without a war; Eat me alive; or send me to heaven; Violent battlefield; Bio War; Digital mind of tomorrow;...

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