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1. Death And Innocence

Act I; Executed for something that you've never done; Your life has barely even just begun; You swear every last one would pay; You promise to return from the Grave; As a man of religion you will die;...

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2. Friday's Child

The night was dark/moon was full/fog was thick/the air; was cool; The sense was set without regret, all that come shall; not forget; They gathered here and all did follow; To greet the child of no tom...

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3. Kiss Me, Kill Me

I met there by the stairs; She seemed to catch my eye; An unkwon love sent from above; The last before I die; We carried on through the years, getting worse and worse; As time went on our love was gon...

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4. Murder By The Minister

Rain came down, small England town; Where religion was the way; It was on this night, when discoverd was fright; As the chapel bells rang out; Soon came time, as we hear the chime; The hour of death b...

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5. No Morals

There was a man who had a plan that took a bit of wit; He took the earth, made human birth; And left it all to sit; With just one guide he's set asidein which we were to learn; To choose his path or f...

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6. Off With Your Head

After the victim's final plea, from the scene you will flee; Then you wait until the night, keep yourself out of sight; Hiding out in the trees, cold sweat as you freeze; French come hunt you down, aw...

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7. Pirate's Night

Cannon balls are waiting - heavy, hard, and black; Waiting for the time, in which we will attack; Jolly Roger is flying high, seeks you like a scout; Treasure, death, and piracy is what we're all abou...

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8. Rigor Mortis

Asleep at dawn, awake at dust; Arise in the night time my right time for lust; Morbid dreams, unreal it seams; Down to the morgue as our Lord lies asleep; Creeping in unleashing sin; To invade the dec...

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9. Ritually Abuse

Satan, He lives today in children who's minds decay; Their elders have lost their way; From Jesus to Baphomet, and worlds of Unholy; Are used to alter their brains; They're teaching them worship of ev...

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10. The Henchman

I was born "The Master of Death", creation of Hell; "Lucifer's Breath"; Sent to kill drifting through time, entering souls; controlling their minds; I killed the King, I shot the Pope; I raped your wi...

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11. Turn Off A Screw

The Devil's dungeon has trapped inside; Your cynical thoughts of death; Endless suspicion, driven solely; To trouble your knowledge of release; Twisting and turning I'm urging; Questioned oppression t...

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