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1. Anticitizen One

Leaders elect reflect collective voice remain; Leaders reject collective wishes left betrayed; Disregard decision deficit feigning concern; Disrespect best interest self-propagate; Anticitizen... anti...

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2. Faceless, Nameless

Staring down the eyes of chem trails; Raining poison from the sky; Torn apart fall off the rails; Fell apart as we stood by; Do we fall as voiceless many; Or raise our fists unified as one; Overcome b...

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3. Red Shift

There's change in the air; But I don't see it anywhere; Your actions don't fit; The exploding volatile deficit; In failure intent; To lead your flock of malcontent; Draining the eyes; The collective v...

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4. The Truth Is a Virus

Masters of misconception; Prey on the art of the lie; Skillfully craft mass deception; Pull the whole world over my eyes; Bow to the god on the flat screen; The master and saviour of your minds; Fake ...

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