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1. D.i.y

We'll write a song and play it loud; It makes us feel good; When we scream and shout; It's what we like, it's what we'll do; We'll play it for no-one else but you; Don't you sell your songs, But keep ...

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2. Erase Me

You see me / you hear me; You can't stand the presence of me; You want to / be near me; It's all just hatred you'll receive; Rape me; Wreck me; Molest me; Erase Me; You want to / get to know me; But t...

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3. Hellspawn

I'll play your game; To me it's all the same; I've sold my soul; To a much higher goal; Feed on my fear; My despair your precious dear; Show your next move; And show me you've got nothing to prove; Co...

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4. Het Wijnglas

In the evening we read the newspapers; About what happenend on the front:; Hundreds fallen in combat; Thousands more wounded. So many children without their father; So many mothers without their child...

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5. Out Of The Womb

Looking back to life; What can you tell? A life that passed you by; Like a sandstorm. ; Happy days in childhood; Cannot recall; Nothing but a vicious circle; Going down; You've played your part; In a ...

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6. Storm Of Progress

The angel of our history; With his face towards the past. Sees an endless catastrophe:; New ruins built on the last. ; The angel wants to spread his wings; To make whole what has been smashed, Awake t...

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