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1. Choices

I'm free, I'll live; through fire and ice, the end of times; Breaking, hurting; Sometimes the night, is just so far away; I don't regret anything from that day; Oh I. I'm gonna learn to survive on my ...

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2. My Sexual Tool

My... sanity; Lost... without your screams; All of them rules of mine; I never thought I would just leave'em all behind; Read me now; And let me know if you see anything; I'll find work for tonight; a...

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3. Occasional Mistake

If you ever find me lost in my dreams; wake me up cause I can't spend this life; only in plans; I Always could see through the minutes; someone I loved; Time freezes when you realize; it's you the one...

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4. The Watcher

The radar show me exactly where you are; and you're not that far away; Understand that if it comes to my mind; I can drop da bomb today! In the name of piece the drones will fly; secure this airspace;...

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5. Time for Recreation

Have you ever got so high that you need; to put shackles in your mind? Hard to control it but you'll just feel complete; maybe this is real life; I got my favourite dealer right next to me; and I am s...

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