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1. Explorer's Return

A world long since gone; Somewhere beneath heaven; A darkened domain; Where all life evolved through pain; Our souls have been dormant; Centuries existing in torment; Though now we are unleashed; By o...

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2. Intro/human Experiment

Trapped within a filthy cage; A human life is put to waste; So science may search his feeble mind; Never to know what they might find; They rip the flesh from atop his head; Plant the probes into his ...

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3. Return To The Temple Of God

In an ageless time of sorrow; You could hear the distant cries; Of the thousands who have suffered; And the thousands who have died; For their rage is that of hatred; Against this human filth; They de...

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4. The Rapist

Staring through a naked window; I spot a woman sitting in her home; So weak and defenseless; As she sits there all alone; Sensing her anxiety and fear; I could even smell her cunt from here; Breaking ...

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5. What Have I Become

My anger must be supressed; As I wake in a fit of rage; For that I take it out on a child; No more than seven years of age; Her flesh so pale; Her virginity so pure; She could never imagine; The pain ...

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