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1. Close

there beneath the water and leaves; sleeping stones embraced her; sardonic shiver how cold; everything close somehow; Shut the satanic and the obscene; shut the whole world away; bare iron lust; Anoth...

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2. Glass Spirit

sunclad she roamed in dry woods, thickets, burnt ground; no mere shadow against blackening skies; mute air sees and knows a caress of it's beloved; laid to rest for another day in silence has passed; ...

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3. I

he feels a shudder down the death knell and knows; fields she roamed for a while; they thirst; stained crimson; thrown down; by what once grew green beneath her feet; she lies there alone; last of an ...

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4. II

"it stands against a bleak horizon; a monument and crown; we built it high and strong; immortal stronghold; stone by stone was cast on; buried soil beneath, humiliated; pitiless sign of warning; we ha...

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5. III

"wilderness insane; I encounter; it's rotten soul reaches; beyond my heart's beating; and calls me; raging; and roots of dead trees; a shadow; without me and through me; within me; my enemy; and the m...

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6. Peregrina Sublime

see my queen of the stones and rocks and desert and its; blood dry in the sand sighing as immediate skies; lose their tongues and lick dust of hollow trees and her; carrying to brooks with dreamstrick...

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7. Summer Bled

left eyeless moon; shadow stab emptiness; stumble fellow fugitives; lead lids look away; fettered nemesis sterile; blood summer's hands; captured again; grab sun from sky; warm one more hell; blood su...

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8. The Sunclad

gently her feet kissed the ground; turned snow to water; one drop in a mirror of trees; there were no leaves to hide the sky; with the bells' ringing from afar; one sunclad breath from a summerwind; i...

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9. Traveller's Rest

you and I - hear it bleed; in a desperate broken song; empty hands - grander loss; the soulless banished here it seems; then I heard you whispering; you shivering voice on the darkened wind; "sad grey...

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