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1. Best Wishes

CHORUS:; GOD created the universe, yeah; GOD created the world an us, GOD created the skies’ above, yeah; GOD, (He has shown us the deepest love); I wish I were more persecuted; I wish I had no where ...

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2. For What I Have

I just look the children out there; Homeless and hungry; And now I look to myself; And to where I am; How could this happen? Why did God wanted this way? I don’t know, but it’s his plan, It’s his plan...

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3. Renato's Song

When the night comes, I wonder where you are, Eventhough I have no chance with you, No chance with you; I think of your face, your eyes, Your smile, I think of you.(2x); I pray to God this won’t be on...

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4. Wonderful Day

I wake up in the morning, I open my window. Fresh air comes in, And refreshes me. ; CHORUS:; What a wonderful day, a day, To play, to sing. What a wonderful day, the skies; Are blue, I’ll skate. ; I k...

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