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1. Aftermath

How foolish were we; now it's so easy to see; we kept chasing the end; (no one will ever understand); we knew the truth all along; but it was so hard to say no; we were bugs drawn to the light; (there...

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2. Coma

Can you please erase; These memories of my mind; I would do anything; For a moment of peace; I can't sleep; Gets harder to breathe; Deadly disease; I need my brain refilled; With blank pages; Where I ...

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3. Hollow

Why did you kept; this secret for so long? Watching us from up there; you stood as a friend; When truth was shown; all the world was drowning in fear; And covered lies turns truth; then all threats be...

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4. Hunter

Target locked your gun is loaded; just an easy prey to kill; you feel so powerful by taking one more down; why lay your crosshair; over their heads? you can't explain; what you're trying to accomplish...

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5. Ptsf

Stay in silence where I can see you; try not to think it will be better; you can't understand just obey my voice; I command you it will be fast; this time try harder get better results; this could be ...

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6. Restriction

So tell me how do you feel; when all these walls keep staring at you; you'll see them crumbling down; time is over and now you have to; choose; take your way out; and then everything fades away; what ...

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7. Save Me

Can you find a way; to send someone to rescue me? Cause all I do is wait; for the day that I'll be free from here; And I'm so sick and tired; of watching these wars for worthless things; I'm trying to...

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8. Syntax Error

Sorry you must be mistaken; Try again later and; Try to get it right; Stop and think about it; Makes no sense to say; It will work this way; How can you consider this? Clearly something is; Really wro...

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9. Tainted

Take your time but don't abuse; on the way you will diffuse; I feel dazed and confused; I'm not able to go through; don't care how you got infused; but I think I've been misused; my body is falling to...

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10. Witness

It seems so easy for you to say it's all inside my mind; What they don't know can cause no harm; You keep all secrets deep and just remain in silence; But they are just about to be found; And all mank...

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