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1. Incinerator Machine

Part i: demise in radioactive hospital; Warrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! Spiritual and corporeal demise; A brutal combat is going on; War is coming to bring disease; And nuclear waste; Contamination by radioactiv...

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2. Nuclëar Core

When atomic deflagration was done; And the war is getting worse everyday; Soldiers are entering in a room; Where ministry and president are talking about; How they shall make to anihilate the human ra...

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3. Nuclear Warheads Halloween

You think you can be save; From explosion; Warheads made in you country; Causing corrosion; A warning that is saying; Beware of the energy; But this is to mankind; The last century!!!!!! (chorus); Nuc...

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4. Reactivated Chernobyl Devastation

In ukraine, where the hell took over in 1986; There´s a new nightmare that will detonate with the whole eastern europe now; The government announced that they shall reactivate chernobyl again, And thi...

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5. Time To Detonate!

Walking through concentration camps; I can see millions of lives expiring by my hands; Women and children are dying day by day; And the misery makes the world go to the same way... Time to detonate; T...

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6. Wagnerian End

Coming of the nuclear Schutztaffel; Soldiers destructing one more city; Wrecking houses, devastating families; Raping little children without pity; Stormtroopers from an ancient age; Imposing their la...

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