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1. A Perfect Day

Wake with a smile on your lips; Let dreams alive; Rub your bedroom eyes; This will be a perfect day; Jump out of withered […]; Written in time; Only vast intentions; Their words are right; It will be ...

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2. Bloodsucker

When this world dies; The land is total mess, drowing in chaos - in chaos! A million cries; Will be unheard - victims of terror - of terror! Deadly wings of horror - break the will of resistence; Host...

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3. Death Is Alive

All the saints will come, guide the soul (when you; die); Angels cry, you won't be alone; All of my friends are dead, I'm still alive; All of my friends are dead. Couldn't I go instead, oh let me die....

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4. Dirty Wings

Is this the view; From fallen angel's eyes; It's time to dry the tears; Like something new; Far better than the lies; Of honor pride and fears; I will return; More stronger than before; This is my cha...

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5. Eternally

Hey, man; I've heard what's happened in the news; You fool; This really was the worst to choose; Now it's too late to find a better way; Solutions all around but you won't see; You've thrown your life...

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6. In The Picture

Waited so long, I felt so strange; I couldn’t move in hours; A pulse of light that disorients; I tremble with might in me; The fever is killing me; Creeping and mourning; Spreading all night and day; ...

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7. Ruling The World

There is a nation in the western world, they´ve got the power to control. All the resources to take what they need; and they are willing to take all. ; Time will show where they´ll go, ruling the worl...

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8. Slaves To The Desert

Oh…; Skin burned to leather, endless the pain; Struggling against the heat; Are people to die for a building campaign? Treaded like lifeless meat? Bridled to follow the orders of Thebes; Driving the l...

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9. Terrified

I´m stepping out, let me warm you, no longer keep it inside. So full of rage and frustration, it´s gonna come to the light. ; I´ll spread my wings, don´t stop me; I´m breaking out; Too long I had to e...

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10. The Dawn Of All

The Dawn Of All; If you could only see; would have been such a sweet relief; cause you could carry; carry it all; how bout break it all apart; tear it up; and make you wanna start; you could redeem yo...

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