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1. Dysfunctional Hours (feat. Anders Friden)

Welcome to the boiling point, You've got a lot to fucking learn. Experience by dysfunctional hours, I've seized my apparent. ; In progress of getting nowhere, I catch a glimpse of prosperity. ; And I'...

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2. Schizo (feat. Peter Tagtgren)

No way to decieve; Every day I cannot cannot break; Nothing seems to go my way; It's not my thing; It's never been my day; Rost is clogging; On my face I feel no, I feel; I want this question find out...

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3. The Dawn Of All (feat. Bjorn ''speed'' Strid

If you could only see; would have been such a sweet relief; cause you could carry; carry it all; how bout break it all apart; tear it up; and make you wanna start; you could redeem yourself; unless yo...

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