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1. After The Holocaust

Fires burning cities down; Your whole world's destroyed; Mutants crawl out from the ruins; To put you to the sword; Poisoned air in darkened skies; flows across the land; Fear and pain they breed desp...

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2. Another Violent End

A spiral of anger breaks its human fold; A chapter of hatred starts its evil flow; Now a trial begins; A clash of senseless hate; Before the fences mend; Another violent end; Cambodia soon became its ...

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3. Art

It's fucking art, man!!!

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4. Ballroom Blitz (cover)

[Sweet cover]; Oh it's been getting so hard; Livin' with the things you do to me, aha; Oh my dreams are getting so strange; I'd like to tell you everything I see; Oh, I see a man at the back; As a mat...

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5. Behind Glass Walls

See a man living behind glass walls; His eyes are blind they see nothing, nothing at all, All his thoughts bend twards things, things that only he sees; All the world a reflection of his dreams, his n...

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6. Betrayal

Betrayal; I always thought you were my friend; But it seems that in the end; You're a backstabbing fool; I always trust you with me; You're the mistress of deceit; You're a backstabbing fool

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7. Brain Death

You lie deathly still; In your hospital bed; Soon to go under the knife; The white walls are gleaming; The smell is so clean; You shiver in fear for your life; Uneasy with your surroundings; You wonde...

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8. Brainwashed

Radio, an insidious form, helps shape your thoughts making you conform; Programming music easy listening, help you achieve that moronic grip; Playing you regurgitated pap, selling products that are mo...

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9. Chaos

The son of families of millionaires is representing the masses; I thought that most people I know are broke; Taxation by representation tell me all about it huh; How does this whole damn trickle down ...

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10. Cold Steel

Cold Steel; Hopelessly lost, a battle not won; You're running in panic, Away from the guns; Panic is striking at those all around; Beware the Grim Reaper, He rests all around; My name is evil; Soon yo...

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11. Critical Mass

The bio-sphere, the place we live; It seems like we don't give a damn; Other species flushed down the tubes; We need another race to rape; The way we live we will destroy; Every other living thing; 'T...

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12. Cross Of Iron

There's a fire in your soul; There's a fire in your brain; You're running blind; Your mind is hazed with pain; Your neck is in a noose; All hell is breaking loose; Your life lies free; For any here to...

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13. Defiled Innocence

A nightmare rises from the holy places; Daring to sin against it's ways; An evil impulse rises to the fore; And deadly silence from those above; Bow down on your knees; Who is his man before us; Preda...

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14. Discharged Reason

You always talk about yourself in contradictions; Stuck in recking and verbal consciousness distinction; Help yourself and try to rationalize; The keys to change are held within your mind; Back where ...

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15. Doctor Butcher

Woke up one night with this fierce pain in my chest; Didn't know what to do, couldn't even rest; Ran down to the doctor's office to see where I stand; He checked me out and said "take this medicine, y...

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16. Emergency

Alcohol and pills, a night with some thrills; Go out with my friends and leave a good will; Some smoke and some buff, now I'm so tough; My ignorant habit gets deeper and deeper; I'm Batman, I'm Robin,...

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17. Equal Rights

Prejudice is just another way of saying ignorant; Describing morons narrow minds and loser bloody frozen hearts; People who can't see past skin or see what's in a good mans heart; Closed up thinking b...

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18. Eroded Liberty

Welcome to the age of an american empire; Not a day will pass when bombs don't seem to fly; Scream about the rights of victims and their pain; But your actions are where the causes lay; Don't like wha...

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19. Exoskeletal

Building wealth on the backs of the poor; Making deals is sleazy smoke rooms; Politicians living feathered beds; Turn around and tax us to our deaths; We're living in a slave state; The left and right...

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20. F#

Searching, for a new way you're looking for a way out of this mess you've; let build up around you; Believe what you see, Believe what you hear; It's time, to take charge of your on fife and start mak...

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21. Fashion Junkie

growing up I start my life the normal way; Learning by living, go to school, well not everyday; Finding limits, learning rules by pushing hard; Earning the right to choose by making the right choice; ...

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22. Fight To Be Free

I am sick and tired of the way you've let things slide; Just because we're young doesn't mean we can't decide; If you think that we ain't got a thought inside our heads; I'm telling you right now that...

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23. Fractured Minds

A state of mind, mine is most unkind; Another here is sharing my space; Locked within this same human skin; Another voice is sharing my throat; We are here stuck inside this head; Taking turns wonderi...

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24. Funky Noise


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25. Glenn's Song

You held my heart in your own hand when we first met; I can't believe I ever loved you; Then I learned what you had done with my whole life; I can't believe I ever loved you; Now watch me go on my own...

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26. Human Wreckage

Across the globe hatreds stir the beast within; Another war for holy causes seems a sin; Letting loose hate your book says to abhor; I don't think your god approves of holy war; All these religions th...

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27. Hypocrisy

The reighteous gather to deliver judgement; Never caring for the needs of the poor; Are you pro-life when you bomb their clinics; Killing the unborn and the born; It's also a sin to use protection; Or...

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28. Inherited Hell

A time in the future, not too far away; The death of our world, we are told; Destroyed by neglect, now breeding despair; The home of mankind is despoiled; Polluted oceans, unbreathable air; The life o...

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29. Justice

You, now you finally see the truth; There's no justice in the world for us; Oh, and equality's just a dream; There's no system we can trust; In this world; There's no justice; No, they can't hide it a...

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30. Living Hell

Taking in all I can see; I can't see what's ahead and I don't want to see what's lying behind; No way out and no way to stay; My reason is blind my reason is blind yeah; Always claim the road revenge;...

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31. Long Haired A$$hole

Me and a buddy Joe were hanging... Out in a bar the other night; And we got into this little argument; With some people with short hair; And they called us a bunch of long haired assholes; I thought t...

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32. Madness Descends

Another time of madness descends; Why can't the hatred ever seem to end; Man against man brothers fighting one another; And no one ready to make amends; Violence calls to my spirit and my sanity; As m...

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33. My America

Well I'm pig biting mad; At the things that people say; Those communist slobs; And the games that they play; 'Cause it's; My America; My America; My America; My America; My America

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34. New Song

Closed books is what some people's minds are like; Shut tight, new ideas, they just always get passed by; Prejudice, living in their thoughts and deeds; Ignoring all the other people's needs; You say ...

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35. Nightmares

I have been trapped; Inside these four walls; There is no future for; Those in this place; My cries for mercy; Fall on deaf ears; Padded walls locked indoors; No way out; Going mad, I must scream; Am ...

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36. No Time

Wander into someone's life you're self assured; You're building trust and winning dreams; You hide behind hind a mask your face is not your own; Of your true side little is seen; As time goes by depen...

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37. Nuclear War

War has come; To your home; Now it lies destroyed; Nuclear war, the final war; The end of all man's dreams; No one wins; In this game; Both sides have lost; Who has won; When all are dead; Except for ...

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38. Poetic Justice

Doe, a deer thut Nugent shot; Ray, a fish that's flat; Me, the guy who's always getting fucked; Fa, the ride to our next gig; So, it means I'm not impressed; La, a place where we record; Ti, H C it's ...

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39. Preaching To The Deaf

Trust me listen to me don't think much of what I'm saying; After all, I am your friend; Let me be your guide and teach you the true way of things; and a personal friend of God; While we're talking and...

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40. Price Of Freedom

Find a maddened hypocritic holy man to heed; Hear only the words that you want to; Deny that you are led by a psychotic need; To destroy anything that offends you; Pay the price of freedom; Leave thre...

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41. Quocustodiat

Power, the face of corruption; Rolling over all opposition; Evil, the thoughts of the masses; When minorities are oppressed classes; Hiding behind the same cliches; Spitting on the backs that are turn...

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42. Radiation Sickness

Destruction; Has ruined your world; Flags of death; Have been unleashed; You've survived; And now you will die; Crawl through Hall; That once was your home; Search for help; Through despair that has g...

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43. Resurrection

Tell me what I see is not a true reality; But a strange piece of quantum physics fantasy; And if that's not the case then I can't help but laugh; At where the music's going, heading for the past; Stea...

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44. Rise From The Ashes

Am I dreaming, am I alive, the final war, I did survive; One of the chosen. One of the few. A world in ruins because of who; Now you look around; See the world in ruins; Those few who survive; No begi...

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45. Save The Planet


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46. Search & Seizure

Up in the morning, feeling alive; Not in the mood for ordeals; Get in my car just to go for a ride; Another day at the wheel; Bang into third; Tachometer rises to 3000 RPM; Look into the rear view mir...

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47. Sign In Blood

Step right up, play your guitar; Play that gig and you'll get far; Never mind how you get there; Just trust us, we'll always be there; Here's the deal, don't look to close; It doesn't matter who gets ...

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48. Sin

Sin; I wander through the streets at night; Lost and cold, alone; Bloody visions fill my dreams; My heart is like a stone; A stranger comes out of the mist; Backons to call me near; He leads me down t...

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49. Something Wicked

Here comes the circus now to steal your life away; Catch unwary children at their play; Disturb what was a peaceful island of calm; A storm is coming on the horizon; The traveller begs for you for his...

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50. Stop Wait Think

People are dying every year; For all of the stupidest things; Boosting up a profit edge; Never mind their safety; Stop wait think; Maybe what I'm trying to say; Stop wait think; Your hands aren't clea...

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51. Stranded In Hell

Come on a journey; Come on tale a chance; We'll take you where; You've never been; where fire is ruler; And pain brings on lust; A world full of; Unholy sin; Where sickness and madness; are taken in s...

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52. Surgery

Wires drilled into my head; Tubes inserted in my neck; Toxins pumped into my veins; This treatments inhumane; Strapped to a table head and foot; Eyes blindfolded, I can't look; My life is all I've lef...

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53. Survive

Now we'll see what remains on this word; Only the strong will survive; A hopeless end for those without the will; Only the strong will survive; Now we'll see what remains for the weak, there's not muc...

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54. Technology

Look around tell me what you see, we are products of technology; The nuclear age has left its mark, it's up to us to avoid the dark; You don't care what's around; You you're blind and deaf; Just sit b...

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55. The Forge

A strange feeling has come over me; A change of my mind and a change of my soul; Turning my back on the life I once knew; Sacrificing everything that I hold; Becoming something foul and obscene; Losin...

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56. The Hockey Song

The Ducks played really well, for the Cup; They swept the Detroit Red Wings you fuck; Did you even watch a game, you suck; The ass of Jersey devils fans 'cause you're a fucking asshole!

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57. The Plague

There will come a day; When all are killed; A fate that we all share; A prophecy of doom fulfilled; With no one left to care; A weapon that should not be used; Because there's no control; A plague ens...

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58. Third World Genocide

They come to rule and not by chance; Aided by a bloodied lance; No elections needed here; Such things mundane are not their way; A thousand rivals lying dead; And their families starved, decayed; No r...

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59. To Serve Man

Politicians' plastic grin; Talking With that alien; We can rest our troubled minds tonight; No solutions here on earth; The president's a fucking jerk; Now the answer's coming from the sky; Oh are the...

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60. Too Young To Die

Look at you, what is it that you do; Could it be you're hiding from yourself; I look at your wasted life, I disaprove; You can help yourself, but it's you that must choose; Get that needle out of your...

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61. Torture Tactics

Walk the path of hate; Leave others to their fate; Never looking back; Never feel regret; Alone you stand; Alone you fall; Feel no pity nor shame; Mercy, you have none; Fear the revolt will come; Your...

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62. Trail Of Tears

Another day has passed you by; And now it seems that you don't care; You've let your life slip away; You feel no pain, you feel no joy; You've let your feelings fade away; You've let life tear apart y...

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63. Vengeance

I've followed you; For many years of my life; For many years the sins that you; Have done to me I've borne; Always near to you I've been; Regardless of the strife; Awaiting patiently without fear; For...

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64. Wake Up

What have you been doing with yourself these years; I really think that you have no idea; You waste your time and pass your days with no pursuits; You take no interest in what's going on; One day, on ...

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65. When Freedom Dies

United in a time, a time of need; Against a common foe, the enemy; The years of death endured, the years of pain; Against an evil force, a force not sane; We become the enemy; When freedom dies for se...

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66. Whine And Cheese

Don't do sports, can't get girls; It seems like such an unfair world; My friends play online D&D; We are the ones that people call geeks; I'm going to sit here and whine; I'm going to whine about how ...

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67. Wired

An evil seed lurks in your mind; Coiled restlessly in your soul; It tries to rip apart your soul; A hateful lust taking over your mind; Destroying you destroying your life; You were hooked when you we...

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