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1. Angry

This is more than I can take; I can’t understand; It should to make you happy! A innocent smile begin; Waiting Another; But you are so far away; Watching what don’t matter; Open your eyes; Open your m...

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2. Change

The deep inside wakes frozen today; The anger again falls down on my face; I’m going to sit to rate how we bring; The end of line for us all again; Whi don’t you take your life; And try make it useful...

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3. Search For Supremacy

Don’t let your pride; Tell you what you must do; Sometime I what hide; And recuperate the time I lose; The dark take your side; And feed the faith in the unreal; The weakness of heart; Make you show a...

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4. Virus

This never passed for my head; Seems happen just with others; Now that it seems before me; I could to feel what you need; Because your soul, reflected in your eyes; Became so cold, cause you are beati...

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5. When All It Falls

When all it falls; I have many things here caught inside; Kept in extensions of my mind; And so all start to come undone; And so I felt so lost and alone; In the begin nothing seems real; But the pain...

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