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1. Sophia

I dont know how, how can i see, What are these people, doing around me? I am only making some fucking noise, That i can not understand; What are these motherfuckers; You don’t need to act like this! I...

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2. Sorry For

Oh I can’t even say what’s best for me what could I do to say it for you; And I say I’m sorry and I’ll pay for this, with blood from me; I can not change what happened; This is the fuck I need to take...

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3. Upside Downward

I don’t care if you won’t care about. My opinions make no sense for you, But I know I can live without, That fuck you tell that I’m screwed. ; I know without doubt, This I can’t play with, Because I d...

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4. World Of Mistake

Look around look in your face; Everybody knows what gonna happen; And now I see I don’t believe in you again; Because the time is over, your chance has gone; So understand; I don’t understand; In the ...

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