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1. Falcon And Crow

- The Falcon; When you need to find the truth; You will have to search for the light; But what if your soul has no value; And what if you have no rights; The Meaning of life; In this age of slavery; C...

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2. Horses Of Steel

Misery; Runway free, we are on our rebellion; We are riding the horses of steel; To find the reason for the peace of the world; Holding the armor of God runway free; I've been a knight of distant futu...

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3. Memories On The Road

Finally I'm on the road to my home; Fallen into deep imaginations; The sound of the horse's steps is ringing in my ears; While Anna is washing my face with her tears; Laying in a complete darkness unc...

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4. Rebirth

Finally I’m here in the place I’ve grown; I feel myself rebirth again; The place I used to be; The doors I used to see; Are wide open greeting me; And asking me to climb the stage again; Just to hear ...

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5. Revolution

When honor lays wounded; And falcons are aiming; From distance we'll come; In freedom we're armed and our swords; With our blood till we have dignity; With every blowing wind; Spreading our wings; Fly...

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6. The Meeting

The day has come to carry two hearts; Of Luis and Anna where love will start; And the meeting declared the birth of a man; A handsome knight with a heart like a saint; Showing power , while his shadow...

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7. Wounded

I open my eyes under this holy ceiling; Back from my dream drowned into a deep sea; It took my time away, I thought that I have died; They took my life away, and made my body tied; Then there was a me...

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