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1. Blind Mad God

Blind and mad; Spreading Chaos and Death; Monarch marching; Reigning in the name of the Divine; Unbound and murderous; Morbid Messiah hungering for war; Unwilling to bow for anything; Kneel and offer ...

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2. Choronzonic Chaos Gods

Firesnakes ascending; Uncoiled to bring Hell; From above and below; We come with Darkness cruelly; Strangling the world; Tightening our grip with each rotation; We slither around the throat of existen...

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3. Darkness Undying

In Nomine Noxathanus; In Nomine Chaosathanas; In Nomine Zazazathanas; No god of order shall illuminate my soul! On and on; For nothingness I go; Smiting myself down deeper and deeper; Into unalterable...

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4. E o Que Será?

Saiba que o mundo não está parado; Vejo tudo errado por todos os lados; A vida regride de um modo sem explicação. ; Se a ganância dos outros reflete em sua mesa; Vejo em seus olhos uma grande tristeza...

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5. Histórias de Um Povo

Ao longo de toda história ele foi usado; Foi moeda de troca, e deixado de lado; Tirado de suas terras sem saber se defender; Colocado em senzalas, trabalhou até morrer; Conviveu com preconceitos sem d...

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6. Insane Hatred For The Supposed Creator

Razors slashing; Grabbing beneath skin; Blood all over; I undo myself from face; This body I refuse; Must be sacrificed to my rage; For it's an insult and a blasphemy; To the Satanic Will; Hail Satan!...

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7. Intoxicated With Death

I lie hidden; Enshrined in Darkness; Stiff and silent; Waiting to awake my Self; I appear dead before my own eyes; Staring coldly at my vacant face; Gaze fixation on my own corpse; Which is now a grav...

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8. Satan Ex Machina

I come; From the living centre of Hell; I will fix and I will finish; I solve everything; I am the helping hand of Armageddon; Inspirator behind the cleansing; Genocide - Satan Lives! Genocide - Satan...

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9. The Jesus Sect

In wormholes they gather; Human maggots singing praise; On their knees beneath the ground; Hunchbacked for the feast; Coffin flies amassed; Congregated in gluttony; Hungering for sores and other holes...

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10. Zacar Od Zamran

Hail Choronzon hail! Come Choronzon come! I salute and conjure Thee; O Choronzon; By the chaos that moves me; By the madness that imprisons me; By the Power of Undying Darkness; I conjure Thee again; ...

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Always aversive; Doing evil in the sight of the lord; Judas among twelve; I'm the corruption of all commandments; I am the scourge of all that cures; The hands of Christ never heal; I travel on the sc...

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