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1. 10.000 Points Of Light

The night is my silent partner; 10.000 points of light; I known them one by one; Eyewitness of every move; I see through miles and miles; I watch you all; In your hidden secret beings; I walk alone, y...

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2. A Night In The Eternity

It's in my dreams, I cannot hide; All the blackness it lives inside; It's been shivering my skin; I'm feeling cold and also not; Seems a ghost passing next to me; The serenity of fear; Feel like screa...

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3. Behind

Muscles getting weaker, Runnig to the unknown; All alone, on hins own; Felling like a drifter; Every second takes him; To despair and fears, From a life with no guide; Leadin' him out the ruin; Images...

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4. Flirting With The Devil

What have you always been told, don't mess what you don't know; Maybe it will come back to you and by that time you're done; The strangest thing you ever felt, a shiver down your spine; A mix of curio...

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5. God Still Hates Us

Gone are the last rays, the night begins to fall, Now darknessdomain, until the day will dawn;; Falling, crushing upon them all;; The night is set and we heed the call;; their blood, our blood, spread...

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6. Lady In White

I thought you'd be just another one; That could be laid next to me; You crossed the street; And smiled at me; And so our eyes they could meet; I touched your hair; And your shoulder; And then you hold...

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7. The Everlasting

And so the morning comes; Through forest trees the rays of light; They hit me in the soul; I'm full of passion 'n life; And so the village wakes; There's joy it's all around; The men, their wives and ...

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8. The Ocean Is Mine

There's no more chance to trust and believe; In this word that we're living; I forgot the hard times when I had faith; I am lost and alone in a land; Where the ocean is my friend; I remember the past ...

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