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1. Angels Are Weeping

Meet my obsession, my opium dream; Lost in indulgence i'm not what i seem; Come to my arms and let me seduce you; Surrender your soul, and i will reduce you; To simple sensation and fleshly delight; S...

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2. Azathoth

"From his black throne at the center of ultimate chaos, A; zathoth, lord of madness and the abyss, rules supreme over all time and space... for he is the master of all that dwells in the darkness. "

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3. Bitter Ashes

Standing here; In the dust of dreams; I can't recall my name; Whispered voices calling; Standing here; On the darkened street; Half-remembered years; Swirl like bitter ashes; Standing here on the dust...

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4. Blood Of Angels

We are the twilight and we are the dawn; We are the silence when all else is gone; We are the ancient ones, we are the flames; Once you would pray to us, call us by name; Ours is the power and ours is...

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5. Children of Heaven

She stands guard at heaven's gate; Her sword held high; In armor gold and ornate; Shining wings spread wide; Unmoved by sorrow or hate; She serves the throne; She's never questioned her fate; But she ...

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6. Echoes Of Elise


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7. Past Time With Good Company

Pastime with good company; I love, and shall until I die; Rancor going, but no one denies; So God be pleased, I will live well; For my past; Hunting, singing and dancing; My heart is ready! Everything...

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8. Scarborough Fair

Are you going to scarborough fair? Yesterday holds memories in time; Remember me to the one who lives there; She once was a true love of mine; Tell her to think back upon younger days; Yesterday holds...

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9. Spellbound

The witching hour is drawing near; And my tragic fate is clear; I'll take your secret to my grave; For evermore, I'll be your slave; Because I'm spellbound

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