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1. Angels In Hell

I woke up in the morning; Waiting for the night; I can't stand my day in; That motherfucking site; Working till the bones; My fingers are just stressed; I can't think in nothing; To the pub I'll head;...

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2. Cyborg

In your min a new device; Redesigned to make it right; Renew the electric insight; New ways to survive; Coils are running in flesh; The brain is a redy and fast; Ii got a leg on human insitence; Made ...

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3. Discourse Of The Wicked

Descontrol, you have it now; The prison you've made inside your brain; Let it now, don't follow them; The issues will turn you into a slave; Free mind - Deny to be another lifer; Get it right - And go...

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4. End of Question

Your freedom has gone; The share seems so cruel; And the comes the hate; The virus, the pain; The followers screaming; The noise of the prayers; There's a lack of altruism; And, the creator is fake! T...

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5. Epic Fail

Society seems so fragile; That makes our way so pale; People waiting for their turns; To make themselves all over again; Government makes so hard; A proud life is so naive; And everytime someone has a...

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6. Frenesy

The lights are all turning off; As I am passing through them! The visions and plans we made; Now are turning into said! Unfortunately I'm lost, I can I ind my self; Is it so hard to see? Drowning in m...

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7. Fuck Yourself and Die

I! Make myself on the road; To find a reason to shout; And denigrate my education; Cause I; Have a problem with people; And I don't think in support; This childhood's degeneration; Instead; I'll show ...

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8. I Have Nothing To Say

Don't turn your backs; Don't need your confidence; I'm not the kind of man that accepts your ways; If you'r the government; Or if you'r the law; Exploration is the only way to win a war; Why don't you...

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9. Lies

I can't understand what you think; Is it real or just parody? Intense way of thought; No arguments against the fault; Don't you believe? What it could be; Why can't you see? Turning tables; Haven't yo...

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10. Rage

I've seen the devil in my room; I've seen the death in my closet; Help me (help me), I need some fucking peace; Bury me (bury me), I think i'm a seed; The fire on my heart is the rage; Blood on my vei...

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11. Society

Troubles and misunderstoods; That's how our society goes; Waiting for some hero to recover the peace; Hope and faith still in growth; Bunches of preachers borning every day; New prophets will tame the...

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12. Sweet Lady Lee

She came so fast; She was so clean; I asked her name; She said it was lee; And the bus still moving; Then I saw her skin; Her curves are heaven; Her lips a dream; And she moved and come closer to me; ...

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13. Taste The Hate

That's what I feel; When she needs complain; It sucks, but there's no other way; Count on me baby; And I'll make you insane; There's much more I can do; Than just stay; Into your mind you'll never bet...

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14. The Morals

This is a question we all have to think; Another problem with society; The doctor said to me "live your life"; But I can't stand my own deny; This is it, don't rush yourself; Defy it! I create; Before...

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15. The Watcher's Agony

A life should be made of glory; For those whose about to cry; Insted all we have is the morning; And rest of our lifes; Despite the pain of awakening; Praying, the end is near; A fact that seems so ab...

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